Global Excellence Award 2024

Global Excellence Awards is getting hosted by Brand Empower Pvt. Ltd. to recognise the various Companies, Entrepreneurs, Service Providers and Individuals for their outstanding performance and achievements in their respective fields.

Chief Guest: Mrs. Shilpa Shetty Kundra
Location: Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai
Event Date: 12 May, 2024


Global Excellence Awards 2024 A Showcase Of Outstanding Achievements

  • By: Brand Empower
  • Mar 28, 2024
Global Excellence Awards 2024 A Showcase Of Outstanding Achievements

In the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, amidst its towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, an event of unparalleled grandeur is set to unfold. The Global Excellence Awards 2024, organized by Brand Empower Pvt. Ltd., is poised to be a celebration of excellence, innovation, and success across diverse industries. Scheduled to take place on the 12th of May at the iconic Hotel Sahara Star, this prestigious event will shine a spotlight on outstanding businesses, entrepreneurs, and service providers who have demonstrated exceptional performance and leadership in their respective fields.

Categories Recognized:

The Global Excellence Awards 2024 will encompass a wide array of categories, each representing a distinct facet of achievement and excellence. From Entrepreneurs and Luxury Lifestyle to Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Startups, the event will honor exemplary individuals and organizations across various sectors. Other categories include Individual Personal, Beauty & Wellness, NGOs, Education, Tourism & Hospitality, Food & Beverages, Real Estate, Retails & Ecommerce, Technology, Business Services, Small Business Awards, and Corporate Awards. By recognizing excellence in such diverse domains, the Global Excellence Awards underscore the breadth and depth of talent, innovation, and creativity present in today's global landscape.

Guest of Honour: Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Adding to the allure of the Global Excellence Awards 2024 is the esteemed presence of Mrs. Shilpa Shetty Kundra as the Guest of Honor. A multifaceted personality renowned for her achievements in the worlds of film, fitness, and entrepreneurship, Mrs. Shilpa Shetty Kundra embodies the spirit of excellence and innovation that the event seeks to celebrate. Her presence will undoubtedly elevate the evening to new heights, inspiring attendees to reach for their own aspirations and dreams.

Reflecting on Past Editions:

As we eagerly anticipate the Global Excellence Awards 2024, it's worth taking a moment to reflect on the journey of excellence that has led us here. Previous editions of the event have been distinguished by their memorable moments and illustrious guests:

GEA 2018 (New Delhi): The inaugural edition of the Global Excellence Awards was held in New Delhi and was graced by the esteemed presence of Mrs. Raveena Tandon, who served as the Guest of Honor. The event set the stage for future editions, establishing a tradition of honoring excellence and innovation.

GEA 2019 (Mumbai): The event's second edition took place in the vibrant city of Mumbai and featured the iconic actress Mrs. Madhuri Dixit Nene as the Guest of Honor. With her grace and charisma, Mrs. Madhuri Dixit Nene added an extra layer of glamour to the proceedings, making it a night to remember for all attendees.

GEA 2022 (Mumbai): In 2022, the Global Excellence Awards returned to Mumbai, with Mr. Anupam Kher gracing the occasion as the Guest of Honor. His presence lent an air of gravitas to the event, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and celebrating excellence across industries.

GEA 2023 (Mumbai): The most recent edition of the Global Excellence Awards once again took place in Mumbai, with Mrs. Madhuri Dixit Nene returning as the Guest of Honor for the second time. Her continued support for the event highlighted its significance in acknowledging outstanding achievements and contributions.

Each edition of the Global Excellence Awards has been marked by moments of inspiration, camaraderie, and celebration, underscoring the event's role as a platform for honoring excellence and fostering collaboration.

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