National Quality Awards 2024

National Quality Awards is getting hosted by Brand Empower Pvt. Ltd. to recognise the various Companies, Entrepreneurs, Service Providers and Individuals for their outstanding performance and achievements in their respective fields.

Chief Guest: Mr. Boman Irani
Location: TBA, New Delhi
Event Date: 23 Jun, 2024


Social Entrepreneur Innovation Awards India

Brand Empower, a pioneering organization dedicated to celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship, proudly presents the Social Entrepreneur Innovation Awards 2024. With great enthusiasm, we prepare to recognize and honor the outstanding achievements of social entrepreneurs who have demonstrated exemplary innovation and impactful solutions to address pressing social and environmental challenges. Leveraging our rich experience in organizing prestigious events such as the Global Excellence Awards (GEA), Industry Leaders Awards (ILA) and National Quality Awards (NQA), where we consistently spotlight exceptional talents worldwide, we are thrilled to introduce the Social Entrepreneur Innovation Awards. These awards embody our unwavering commitment to acknowledging and celebrating visionary approaches and transformative solutions within the realm of social entrepreneurship. Through events like the Social Entrepreneur Innovation Awards, we aim to inspire and empower social entrepreneurs to continue their innovative pursuits, driving meaningful change and creating a positive impact on society. Join us as we come together to celebrate these remarkable individuals and their extraordinary contributions to building a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Upcoming Social Entrepreneur Innovation Awards 2025 India

In our continued dedication to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship for social good in India, we are excited to unveil plans for the upcoming event dedicated to honoring innovative achievements in social entrepreneurship across the country. Anticipation mounts as we announce the eagerly awaited Upcoming Social Entrepreneur Innovation Awards 2025 India, poised to shine a spotlight on the inspiring initiatives and groundbreaking solutions emerging from India's vibrant social entrepreneurship ecosystem. The Social Entrepreneur Innovation Awards will provide a prestigious platform to recognize and showcase innovative approaches, impactful ventures, and sustainable business models that are driving positive social and environmental change in India. As we prepare to celebrate these transformative contributions with enthusiasm and admiration, we extend a warm invitation to participate in our mission to honor achievements of national significance. Through our active engagement in esteemed events like the Global Excellence Awards (GEA), Industry Leaders Awards (ILA) and National Quality Awards (NQA), we reaffirm our commitment to celebrating the innovative spirit of social entrepreneurs and their invaluable contributions to addressing the most pressing challenges facing our society. We firmly believe that by recognizing and celebrating innovation in social entrepreneurship, we can inspire continued creativity, foster collaboration, and accelerate progress towards a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

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Neurologist Excellence Awards | CSR Excellence Awards | Beauty And Wellness Innovation Awards | Asia Glory Awards | Therapists Excellence Awards | Endodontist Excellence Awards | SME Innovation Awards | Endodontist Innovation Awards | Acupuncturist Excellence Awards | Tamil Nadu Business Awards | Social Entrepreneur Excellence Awards | North India Business Awards | Gemstone Quality Awards | Delhi NCR Quality Awards | Agriculture And Farming | General Physicians and Specialists Excellence Awards | Engineering Excellence Awards | Gujarat Leaders Awards | India Innovation Awards | North East Excellence Awards |

Teaching Quality Awards | Entrepreneur Excellence Awards | National Innovation Awards | National Excellence Awards | NGO Quality Awards | Obstetrician Innovation Awards | Small Leaders Awards | Rental Provider Innovation Awards | Delhi NCR Leaders Awards | International Business Awards | Cosmetic Clinic Quality Awards | India Icon Awards | Dance Academy Quality Awards | Cosmetic Clinic Innovation Awards | Young Entrepreneur Quality Awards | IVF Clinic And Doctor Excellence Awards | Industry Glory Awards | Endodontist Quality Awards | Small Business Excellence Awards | Pediatrician Quality Awards | Advertising Agency Quality Awards | Hospital And Diagnostics Awards | Marketing Quality Awards | General Physicians and Specialists Quality Awards | Unani Quality Awards | Salon And Spa Excellence Awards | Hair Transplant Innovation Awards | Journalism Quality Awards | National Leaders Awards | Sports Quality Awards | Laser Clinic Excellence Awards | Tour And Travel Excellence Awards | Karnataka Excellence Awards | Bihar And Jharkhand Quality Awards | Therapists Innovation Awards | Jewellers Innovation Awards | Corporate Fame Awards | Hotel Management Innovation Awards | Renewable Energy Innovation Awards | Madhya Pradesh Business Awards | Vastu Excellence Awards | Uttar Pradesh Fame Awards | Business Innovation Awards | Corporate Leaders Awards | Real Estate Glory Awards | Trainer And Coach Quality Awards | Bihar And Jharkhand Fame Awards | Forex Trading Training Innovation Awards | Salon And Spa Quality Awards | Women Entrepreneur Fame Awards | Siddha Excellence Awards | IVF Clinic And Doctor Quality Awards | Andhra Pradesh And Telangana Fame Awards | Herbal And Ayurvedic Innovation Awards | Young Entrepreneur Leaders Awards | Business Leader Award | Jewellery Innovation Awards | Service Excellence Awards | Delhi NCR Fame Awards | Service Innovation Awards | Tour And Travel Innovation Awards | Gastroenterologist Innovation Awards | Interior Designer Innovation Awards | Alternative Medicine Practitioners Excellence Awards | Gujarat Fame Awards | Tamil Nadu Leaders Awards | Young Entrepreneur Excellence Awards | Marketing Innovation Awards | Gemstone Quality Awards | Rajasthan Excellence Awards | Implantologist Quality Awards | Award | Women Entrepreneur Innovation Awards | Technology Quality Awards | Spiritual Excellence Awards | SME Leaders Awards | Unani Excellence Awards | Healthcare Leaders Awards | Acting School Innovation Awards | Digital Marketing Quality Awards | Small Business Innovation Awards | Businessman Excellence Awards | Education Innovation Awards | Beauty And Wellness Excellence Awards | Startup Fame Awards | Cosmetics And Personal Care Excellence Awards | Stock Market Training Excellence Awards | PR Agency Excellence Awards | Individual And Personal Innovation Awards | Global Glory Awards | Gastroenterologist Excellence Awards | Homeopathy Clinic And Doctor Quality Awards | Cargo Company Innovation Awards | Hair Stylist Quality Awards | Innovation Excellence Awards | Bihar And Jharkhand Leaders Awards | Implantologist Excellence Awards | Audiologist Quality Awards | State Quality Awards | Madhya Pradesh Excellence Awards | Consultancy Company Quality Awards | North East Excellence Awards | Maharashtra Fame Awards | Food And Beverages Innovation Awards | Maharashtra Innovation Awards | Choreographer Quality Awards | National Fame Awards | Vastu Innovation Awards | Stock Market Training Quality Awards | Nail Art Studio Excellence Awards | Corporate Quality Awards | MSME Quality Awards | Indian Film Quality Awards | Restaurant And Bar Excellence Awards | Rajasthan Fame Awards | Makeup Artist Innovation Awards | PR Agency Quality Awards | North East Leaders Awards | Gynecologist Excellence Awards | Tour And Travel Quality Awards | Agriculture And Farming | Herbal And Ayurvedic Excellence Awards | Ambulance Services Excellence Awards | Corporate Glory Awards | Logistics Quality Awards | North India Fame Awards | Jewellery Designer Innovation Awards | Asia Icon Awards | Cargo Company Quality Awards | Consultancy Company Innovation Awards | CSR Innovation Awards | Retail And eCommerce Innovation Awards | Urologist Excellence Awards | Spiritual Quality Awards | Bihar And Jharkhand Business Awards | Healthcare Innovation Awards | Endodontist Excellence Awards | Skin Specialist Innovation Awards | Gym And Fitness Excellence Awards | Pediatrician Innovation Awards | North East Business Awards | Manufacturing Innovation Awards | Tour And Travel Leaders Awards | Cyber Security Excellence Awards | Dietician Quality Awards | Haryana Fame Awards | International Excellence Awards | Photography Quality Awards | Homeopathy Clinic And Doctor Excellence Awards | Automobile Innovation Awards |

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