Industry Leaders Convention & Awards 2022

Brand Empower recognises encourages creativity, innovation & quality culture present in the companies, organizations and leaders.

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  • Chief Guest: Mrs. Sonali Bendre
  • Date: 20 November 2022
  • Where: Jurasic Grand, Delhi NCR
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Outstanding Startup Awards

Brand Empower is a Delhi-based, award-winning Branding Agency. It has expertise in developing remarkable market-leading brands for reputable organizations, with Startups Excellence Awards and well Established Business Awards.

Brand Empower, on November 20, 2022, will recognize deserving Startups Owners with the Startup Leadership Awards, presented by our esteemed Chief Guest, Mrs Sonali Bendre.

Startup Business Awards

The goal of these Emerging Startup Awards is to motivate and empower Startups who have gone above and beyond to make our lives simpler and smarter.

We seek to celebrate the progress of Startups that make significant contributions by praising them with awards like the Small Businesses Startups Award, Innovative Startup Awards, and Awards for Startups.

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